About Us

Black Mental Health: Changing the Narrative

The Therapeutic Play Foundation, a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the wellness of our surrounding community, particularly those of African ancestry, and to changing the stigma around Black mental health. 

We were established by Black mental health professionals and allies who care about Black lives. The Black Mental Health: Changing the Narrative documentary film will be an aide for outreach opportunities in the community. It will be screened on an awareness tour with middle schools, high schools and colleges to spread healthy Mental Health awareness. A discussion panel will follow each screening of the film to allow ventilation, processing and healing opportunities. To be heard is the starting point to the healing process.

Purpose of the Film

Data shows a disparity in the way services are provided to Black bodies; even COVID-19 and its impact on the Black community demonstrates this. We want to change the narrative around mental health and norms around treatment, or lack thereof. Not only is this movie addressing individual health outcomes in Black families, but also addressing the Black community’s social determinants of health and much needed systematic change. Black Mental Health: Changing the Narrative explores why Black people disproportionately suffer poor health and promotes strategies to improve their overall health and well-being. This visual aide will empower action, community building and civic engagement to de-stigmatize mental health and increase positive birth outcomes leading to healthier families in the Black community.

Community Engagement and Project Promotion

Storytelling can influence individual attitudes and behavior as well as collective actions that lead to policy or other institutional change. In interviews, we’ll capture on video the diverse identities that Black American Los Angeles residents (all service areas) hold and how it impacts service provision/census reporting. We’ll engage with mental health professionals, consumers, and stakeholders on the complex and trans-generational trauma that impacts the Black community’s willingness to access and engage in mental health treatment. We’ll also interview Black mental health and medical professionals on issues they encounter in practice when working with Black clientele. High profile media, film and sports figures will also be interviewed.

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